Coolaire, JMC ensure vehicle quality, comfort

Coolaire and JMC have been partnering for years to manufacture vehicles that ensure quality and comfort, and have come up with “5 things to consider when buying your first refrigerated truck”, a press release said.

“If you are in the business of transporting a high volume of perishable products, then you must be looking for a refrigerated truck. Without the proper equipment and appropriate temperature, the perishables may eventually deteriorate, and thus will be delivered in vain,” it added.

By owning a reliable refrigerated truck, one can safely transport temperature-sensitive items, and Coolaire and JMC have been partnering for years to manufacture such equipment to be made available to businesses anywhere in the country.

Truck Performance. A refrigerated truck is composed mainly of a reefer van, and the truck chassis it is mounted on. One is as important as the other. Cold chain applications require an engine fit to provide power for the direct-driven refrigeration compressor, enabling it to cool the products inside the body. Moreover, the chassis must be rigid, sturdy, and customizable to suit different configurations.

These are some of the reasons why JMC truck engines work perfectly well with Coolaire refrigerated vans.

Temperature Suitability. Perishables like meat, fruits, and vegetables have different temperature demands to remain free from spoilage. As temperature plays the most crucial role in maintaining safety and freshness, Coolaire’s refrigerated truck strictly complies with the product’s temperature requirement to ensure its quality. A refrigeration unit must be precise in meeting the temperature requirement of the products to be transported.

Quality of Body and Insulation. Transporting goods with proper temperature provided is not enough. It should also be composed of a robust body in delivering the products. Coolaire’s Fiberglass body has the attributes that make it possible to deliver the goods while securing the products inside. The insulation of the body keeps the products intact and holds the temperature within while on the road. Also, with the fiberglass body weighing 50 percent lighter than its aluminum counterpart, more items can be loaded safely while maximizing the truck’s payload capacity.

After-Sales Service. Buying a refrigerated truck from a trusty vendor does not end there, since the after-sales services are vital to ensure undisturbed business operations. Look for service support such as JMC’s, as the brand offers warranty up to three years or 100,000 kms, whichever comes first. Coolaire also offers a nationwide service support to assist you wherever your vehicle may be and whenever you may need it, the press release said.

Price. Refrigerated trucks are better considered as investments rather than outright purchases. It is always better to invest on high-quality equipment, than to risk with a cheaper alternative that can become more costly overtime. Aside from the initial price tag, other costs to consider are the operational and maintenance costs, and immeasurable downtime expenses, since the trucks will be used regularly and upkeep will be required.

“Necessities in businesses do not always need to be quantified in short-term to determine its worth. Brands known for the strength of their product specifications, such as Coolaire and JMC, value quality and long-term usage, not to mention having all necessary features needed in your refrigerated deliveries,” the press release said.

“Find the refrigerated truck that will fit your needs by contacting a reputable source. For refrigerated vans, Coolaire has been in the industry for over 50 years. For truck units, JMC has been manufacturing vehicles for over 70 years. Together, over 120 years of combined experience will surely ensure quality and comfort, no matter what you transport,” it added.

Those interested may contact Coolaire at (0922) 8232213 or JMC Philippines at (0917) 6888388.*