Coolaire trucks carry unsold tomatoes to Metro Manila

Kadiwa Truck

Delivery of tomatoes is delayed in Tinoc, Ifugao, and at risk of being thrown away in Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) on September 22, 2021. The Department of Agriculture-Cordillera asks Local Government Units to transport the unsold tomatoes to Metro Manila using Coolaire refrigerated vans via Kadiwa trucks while prospecting for more buyers.

Tons of tomatoes were left unsold as buyers from Metro Manila and Central Luzon did not arrive due to the “no vaccination, no entry” policy in checkpoints, says Ifugao agriculturist Dr. Domingo Mariano.

Fortunately, Kadiwa trucks are powered by Coolaire refrigeration equipment that is able to keep tomatoes in their optimal temperature conditions, prolonging their shelf life as they make their way to Metro Manila.

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